Black Pagoda

Connect the GoGo bar of today with the history of the gentleman’s sports club of yesterday with a t-shirt from G.IA Culture featuring the Black Pagoda in Patpong – a GoGo bar at the intersection of hooker bar and nightclub, located on Patpong Soi 2 on the 3rd floor of a darkened industrial-type building. The brainchild of Black Pagoda, Baruch Messner, admits that there are always hookers in nightclubs; all he does it keep it out in the open instead of hiding it somewhere in the dark. It began as a regular GoGo bar that Messner created from the rubble of an abandoned building around 2010. Initially it was called Park Bridge, and then changed the name of the club to Black Pagoda to better represent the tiered roof. The lights, music, and electricity that the Black Pagoda creates in the Patpong Redlight district help to remind of the history of the area and the essence of taking something old and making it new again.


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