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08 Apr 2021
Thai Illustrator & Street Artist KNN.5, Artist Interview
Here is a street artist and illustrator who is passionate in transforming art from paper or in cartoon books to street art serving the public. Nut - or Knn.five - graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University in Applied Arts Major

Interview KNN.5

“Because art is not valuable just in the frame or gallery” Here is a street artist and illustrator who is passionate in transforming art from paper or in cartoon books to street art serving the public. Nut or Knn.five graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University in Applied Arts Major. In Thai street society, people might remember his work in terms of street art with unique, powerful, and compelling foureye cartoon characters. hat is behind those characters? What makes him knn.five today? Let’s explore more about this cool artist through this interview




1.  Describe your style of work. How do you see yourself as an artist?

“ not the real graffiti. I think I am more into illustrator stylewho pick illustrations from paper or books to streets in order to be close to the public. You can call me a street artist but actually I am still not sure whether I can call myself a street artist. In terms of outsiders’ perspective, some people might remember me from my style of work some people might remember me from the character that I painted.


2.   What is your main character?


“The main character that I want to push is a child with a fire head and four eyes. This character is designed for helping tell a story that I want to communicate through it”


3.  How are you managing your style? Is it done through Character?

“I never myself use the same technique. This means that every time I paint wall​ there is no need to paint the same fire head character. Even if I paint the same character, I paint the same face in the same color. It depends on my emotions and feelings. For these reasons,​ I am not sure how I should define my work. I agree that creating character can help my work to be eas by othershere are also some reasons why it needs to be four eyes”


4.   So why does it need to be four eyes?

“This concept was created when there many things I want to do at once. This leads the eyes to be increased to four eyes. those things make me want to explode I compared these feelings to fire that appeared on the head. oth fire and increased eyes were all created from want and diligence.


5.   What has you this type of art

“ As an art student, I create art. rt is not valuable just in frame or gallery. I love street artist culture f they don't like graffiti, they will love cartoons. I am a middle man who is both interested in cartoons and street culture. This led me to put cartoons on the streetI’m not serious about painting cartoons I just want to be realistic.his led me to combine blending and graphic together.The picture in my head about me painting the wall abroad and sitting in the crane also lead me to creat more and more street art hoping that it will bring me to that point one day.”


6.   you mean you copy from cartoons and paste them on street or you also modify them?

“When I am doing street art, I modify and adjust those characters in order to match context and space.”


7.   Do you think this kind of medium can efficiently convey your message? How do you deal with criticism of your artwork?

“ainting is my passion I feel that creating art on wall forces me to paint. because my major technique is paint I think it leads people to remember me an artist that just create digital work. I also create original painting work. I dn’t experience much criticism. Mostly, there are comments from friends about what is good or bad. “


8.   There’s a lot of pressure on artists to create and deliver new work. For you, does that pressure get to you? What type of pressure? How do you manage those pressures?

“My pressures mostly positive pressures. For example, when I see my friends' painting skills Also, I want to point that I have dreamed.”


9.   creative ideas do not popup as you plan, how you manage it?

“I separate my work into two part customer work and personal work. In terms of customer work, often occurs I need to generate ideas in a fixed timeline. Sometimes I think that my idea is clear, but people who about that issue might think that it needs to be . here is limited time to study . Also, sometimes my work still makes people remind about works that I use them to be references. In this case I need to talk with clients. Actually this is what I want to explain that while someone might think that did I copy thier works or others’ works, I don’t even know who create those pictures. I just remember and develop from some cartoon scenes in my childhood and don’t even know if they have been redrawn or not. Sometimes I just pick them to use as my references but didn’t study them enough. However, I don’t face this experience in my personal work because I create my own world, create characters, create situations, and create everything. So, at this point, I think that there are more stories enough foe me to create my artwork.”


10.   How do you manage your work to support your financial?

“As I have my main work, creating art is not important thing for me. I creat art for my passion, not because I need to do it to survive. And one day the art that I created without any pressure just started to make money by itself.“


11.   hat is your main work?

“I have my bag brand named ‘Japfac’ and cloth brand named ‘Highestjump’I always try to find free time for creating artow that it can generate money can be my additional career”


12.   you put your character in your brand

“No, I do not. I sepate everything I do in my life because if they are merged, I cannot differentiate it.”


13.   most of your work inspirations come from? Do they reflect your life, environment, or if not, what they reflect? How? อย่างไร?)

“My inspiration mainly comes from myself. I like art in terms of skills, not in terms of concept. hen I see beautiful art, inspire me how it was painted. When I see picture I like or environment I love, th also inspire me to paint.


14.   ew technology and the internet big part of every one’s life ow does it integrate with your artwork?

“I am a person who loves handmade and craft works. I don’t like digital paint. the first Apple , no one encouraged me to buy it everyone was talking about Wacom. At that time, I didn’t care about other people's I just wanted to buy something that g me the same feeling as painting by hand. is the right one gives me what I want. After using it, it changed my perspective about working in terms of digital media. I had a bad attitude eople who work by hand will be more skilled those tools make you happy? Do you feel the same fun as when you paint on paper? I think it was fun. I am also used to trying to paint on VR 3D which was very interesting. It helps unlock my thoughts and open my world.”


15.   Did ovid situation impact your work? If yes,​ how?

“I feel that it is a break period without any regrets. It is a period that allows me to take time with myself. I can do anything that I myself do when I have time.”


16.   Does Covid inspire your work?

“Yes.n terms of content, there is new work. I communicate that ovid is a factor that makes the world end. And how life is going on after the world ends. So, it is surreal and fancy. I will not refer to anything about what is new normal and what is ovid, but in terms of how Bangkok is going on in this lonely period.”


17.   Do you have any pictures of works inspired by ovid to show us?

“Yes. This set of work is named ‘Bangkok Acropolis’ which talks about Bangkok after collapsing. The concept is that there is a lively city that never sleeps. One day disaster comes and turns this city to a lonely city. So, it communicates that after 11.00 pm, this city will turn to an abandoned city.”




“In this picture, I'm talking about hurrying to drive back home because Bangkok will have curfew at 11.00pm. So, I set the time in every picture.”




“This picture is about the need to hurry back home as it is the last train.”




“This picture is about walking into a minimart and need to check the temperature.”


“So, the concept is about different situations in which people need to face different difficulties in the same period of time.”


18.   What is your big challenge being an artist?

“One of my challenges is that sometimes when I’m bored with an old style of work and want to move on but still concerned my followers ready for a new style of my work. Another is when This takes a lot of time to my confidence and to heal myself.”


19.   What is your goal for your art? How do you plan to achieve it?

“The biggest point that inspires me to paint is that I want to see my cartoon as a Mickey Mouse that everyone is proud to have Mickey Mouse products. However, for the short term goal, I just want to see myself standing a California beach. Painting walls, buildings, and containers on a crane by having a drone takes pictures and videos of me. I will try to my dream possible.”


20.   What is your process for creating one artwork?

“I always have sketches and prepare my work before going to sites. When I work with other people, we need to sketches in order to understand before starting work.”


21.   How you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“I always have a plan and follow my plan. I don’t want to tell you what I’ll be in the next five year. Let’s wait and see. Anyway, I’m confident that I will be far better than today.”


22.   Perspective about Art and Politics in Thailand

“In my perspective, when I want to talk about politics,​ I will communicate about it in my way as a person that has his own perspective about politics,​ not in terms of an artist that communicates for others. Also, I will not criticize issue that I don’t have enough knowledge.”


23.   Do you have future plans or projects to share with us?

“I think that it’s time to have my own solo exhibition. I want people who don’t know me to know me from walking through my exhibition. I plan to set my theme as made in Knn and illustrate my life in the past until being Knn. in today that my life is not always beautiful.”



“I think there is no shortcut or direct way. Majority of artists are walking on the way that takes time. If we walk by trying to follow people, . I think everyone has his or her own way. It is not easy and not hard if you do not blameothers are smarter than you and you don’t have a chance. Just do it, plan it, and focus on it. One day you will succeed in your own way.”