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08 Apr 2021
Montemith (Smith Phiromsank)
Montemith (Smith Phiromsank) is an artist and illustrator who views arts as the fun part of his life. He creates artwork that combines the styles of western cartoons, Thai culture, and street art. His main inspiration for creating artwork is Thai Hell. He never feels bored with his work and feels like he has unlimited ideas.

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Montemith (Smith Phiromsank) is an artist and illustrator who arts as the fun part of his life. He creates artwork western cartoons, Thai culture, and street. is main inspiration for creating artwork. Although he now has work among street art society, he never stops himself to create artwork. skateboard collections of Preduce, the most famous Thai skateboard brand. Let’s more about him . Or to find out more about his artworks, you can https://montemith.art/about

1.  What you stud in University?

“I graduated from aculty of ecorative rts in Visual Communication Design major, Silpakorn University”



2.   What is the main format of your artwork?


“My main format is sketches A4 paper love to sketch and memor my ideas paper. I just post my work on social media and if there are any graffiti or any projects, I’m to do it.”


3.  What is the main medium that you use ?

“ I just posted my artworks on social media page. I continue doing my artworks until I opportunity to create first art piece on the wall at Banpong in 2018. After that, when others that I do it, other walls.”


4.   you compare the efficiency publishing artwork through social media on public wall?

“I think social media works in terms of promoting myself as, nowadays, technology is much more developed. Moreover, the can be shared more . However, in terms of an impact, seeing art in size at the site more impact.”


5.   How do you deal with criticism of your artwork?

“ But, my works influenced by those cartoons until I did my thesis. I was doing my thesis, I a part time job with Preduce, thechance to design skateboards. At that time, I need to find content for both thesis and skateboard design. Bali arts and drama, but my advisor suggested that the content should be about Thai. I that using Thai content traditional. s I work with Tle TRK who normally create Thai style arts, I t to open my mind and research about it. hen I found black and white watering pattern, I so cool and amazing t inspire me to create arts related to Thai. riticisms appear in the beginning period that my work look like Tle TRK style. ater, I develop my new style of work until my character more clear.”


6.   There’s a lot of pressure on artists to create and deliver new work. For you, does that pressure get to you? What type of pressure? How do you manage ?

“ActuallyI don’t any pressure because I always remember when I started working in arts society I have fun with it he pressure when I want to make money from it and want to work seriously as an artist. that it gives me of pressure. I j by putting all of those expectations including making money on my other works instead and let everything about arts be free. Just having it as the fun part of my life.”


7.   Describe your style of work.

“I don’t have but hope that it will appear soon I’m still trying to find and develop it. Thai style is different from Western cartoon style that influenced me . However, I summarize my style a combination Thai, Western cartoons, and streets.”


8.  How do you see yourself as an artist? How are you managing your style?

“I hink that my work graffiti because real graffiti needs to be more outgoing. I normally create art at homeut when people ask me to join, I join. I think I’m more illustrator. I have fun when I illustrate my work with other media.”


9.   creative ideas do not always pop-up

“Normally I don’t have this problem. the less time, the I am a person who loves performance. For me, the more time given, the more problems will occur.”


10.   How about when customers give you the concept? Are there any times you have problems with ideas how to communicate?

“Yes, it occurs sometimes. his problem occur with the work that I received from G.IA.s the content is harder than what I normally do. This led me to think too much about the communication methods. However, my solution the visual as much fun as I . I will try to keep the message and make the visual super fun.”


11.   “Improvised Artist” What do you think about this ?

“For me, I think it is a personal issue. I view it in terms of making plans. If they really want to be artists, they should have plans. Every career should have a plan. No matter what career you , ”


12.   Wh most of your work inspirations come from? Do they reflect your life, environment, or if not, what they reflect? How?

“I think they come from surrounding issues. Anyway, I love to do arts related to animals and character because I have loved character work since I was a child. Plus, as my thesis concept is about Thai ell and I still fun with it, maybe my current inspiration is from Thai ell.”


13.   Why d you pick the concept of ell your thesis?

“othing is complicatedSo, I just think that, okay, there is ell left. And if it is on a skateboard. That’s it! This is the beginning. Then I did more research. Another reason that confident choosing this concept is that it’s fun. Normally when I read about it, the story about ell is not that wide. This makes me think more about animals in hell. What they look like? Howthey live their everyday li? imagining in my mind.”


14.   do you mean animal from ell?

“Yes I just imagine that if there are elephants in ell, what they look like? Actually, it seems like my own hell. I just imagine, for example, how watch, fork, spoon, plates, bowl, or even furniture in ell? his my main concept for creating my artworks. I create my own universe.”


15.   ew technology and the internet big part of everyone’s life ow does it integrate with your artwork?

“I've been quite interested in technology since I was a child. At that time, I also joined a drawing competition through a painting program. This also led me to interest in technology. echnology is so widespread that there are also AR, VR , and even digital molding or printing technology. I think that in the future there will be other new technolog I’m interested to see it”


16.   Have you ever tried those technologies?

“I used AR for making name cards, stickers, and AR scans for making clothes.”


17.   Did ovid situation impact your work or your thoughts? Did you think about ovid-19 in ell? If yes,​ how?

“Actually I never think about . I and think about my stuff.”


18.   perspective Art and Politics in Thailand?

“If let me talk about this issue, it might be long . hen I had a chance to visit Japan and Taiwan, I saw their art scene he Thai art scene is not that varied. here are many factors to talk about, such as mainstream and subculture. so varied that there for subculture.Taiwan there is an underground galleryhe space is so coolI feel that it makes an impact on me because my work is not mainstream in Thailand I don’t know where to create it. Taiwan, like it my place. However, I want to have this feeling in Thailand ”


19.   Have you created any art about politics?

“I want to do itI am trying to think about how I should communicate.”


20.   What do you think about using art to convey a message about politics?”

“I think it’s ok. It’s one way of showing a . Moreover, in my point of view, every career has its own way show its . They do what they can do and want to do. It depends on how they feel and their own opinion.”


21.   What is your big challenge being an artist?

“here might be some challenges in terms of walls as I am still having fun with wall work. Let’s say that it is my current challenge. I want to develop to create artwork in every technique but still in my style. aybe my real challenge is to develop this part. For example, how to create crayon work, poster work, oil color, or 3D molding work in my style. what I said that I want to create my own universe and be able to do any technique to support my needs.”


22.   What is your goal for your art? How do you plan to achieve it?

“I used to have a goal until it changed while I aboad. At that time I received an opportunity to exhibit my work when I sell my work or when a lot of people come to see it. he real inner comes after I exhibit my work outside. The but people who like my work seem really like it. One apanese told me that my work reminds him of when he saw apanese ell his childhood. I was happy to hear that hen I come back home, my goal changes I want to create art because I want to meet new friends. From now on, let my artwork bring me to other countries and meet new people.”


23.   How you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“ go study arts and technology. I’m type of person who always finds new medialso my style of work receive warm welcome when I I love this.”


24.   Do you have future plans or projects to share with us?

“I don’t have any plan I have something I plan in my head but it’s not official yet.”